Great history !

I have been glued, during The India Partition. I am on the current story , and would like to make a recommendation. Don’t use this story about Abortion! I know women have suffered and are still suffering in other countries, but Bodily autonomy applies to ones body. It does not apply to someone else’s body, be it in or out of the womb.

Incredibly informative

A ton of information presented perfectly. I’m working my way through all of the installments, fast. I’m telling everyone about this!

Very well done

This podcast is very well done. Informative but not dry. Excellent story telling and narration.

great podcast

very well researched, highly informative podcast. the host is also a good story teller in a way, it’s not a dry retelling of facts but rather very engaging podcast.

Riveting Narration!!

As a fan of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, I am very impressed with this podcast. The narration is superb and the analysis interesting. Thanks for making these historical moments so enjoyable and easy to learn about.


Truly blown away by the quality of this podcast! So engaging and informative. Highly, highly recommend.

So informative and thoughtfully done.

Would love to learn from you about Russia/Ukraine conflict. My family comes from L’Viv but back when it was part of the Kingdom of Galicia, then it was Austria Hungary, then Poland. Is that Galicia the same as Galicia Spain?

I’m learning so much!

08/19/2022– I found you after researching the new podcast The Partition. And wowsers, THANK YOU for adding to my already MD JD education! How did I miss how Pakistan came to be?!


Excellent writing, research and presentation. A fantastic podcast not just for history buffs. Highly recommended. A true gem!

Game changing

I look at life through an entirely different lens and see this complex world in a whole new way. Zach Cornwall brilliantly tells a story without interjecting opinion. He beautifully lets history unfold in front of the listener to the point of being able to almost visualize what he is conveying. Simply the best history podcast I’ve ever heard bar none.


Excellent writing, research and presentation. A fantastic podcast not just for history buffs. Very recommended.

By far the best and most informative podcast I’ve listened.

I just finished the 4 episodes of Ghosts In The Mountains, about the history of Afghanistan. I’m so impressed by the depth of his research and knowledge, and how he artfully narrates it. It’s all like a beautiful but deeply tragic story. I can’t wait to listen to more episodes. Thank you for putting time and effort and creating something wonderful.

My favorite history podcast

This podcast is amazing. I love how the host and his team do a very thorough research and carefully piece together the narrative. Never dull and full of the amazing details. Also it’s just very easy to listen to. Big fan ❤️

Great podcast

Great podcast

Head and shoulders above other podcasts

I’m a history buff and this is the best podcast I have found. With Covid I started listening more often and this one brings information I did not know. But the best part is the narrator who is clear and concise, like he’s sitting right next to me, with an appealing voice and an amazing and interesting story to tell. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Well done

I have never been one to listen to history topics for fun but the way this podcast is perfectly done keeps me interested the whole way through. Can’t wait for the new episodes to arrive! Keep up the fantastic work!


This is the absolute best podcast that I have ever listened to.It is clearly well researched, and beautifully presented. It is also clear and easy to understand

So informative and thoughtfully done.

Would love to learn from you about Russia/Ukraine.

A gem of a podcast

Discovered the podcast through the Kill Yamamoto episodes. Honestly have to say it’s one of the most intriguing podcasts I follow and even manages to draw my interest for subjects I’d otherwise say I have no interest at all in. Key is the superb writing, the clear, thorough but enjoyable explanations and also a neutrality that is not utterly devoid of a personal point of view, but one that always aims to paint both sides as fairly as possible.

Amazing bingeworthy podcast

Happened to come across "The good guys" podcast and enjoyed it so much I binged the rest of the series in a week! Even with topics that I thought I wouldn't be very interested in, I found myself completely immersed. Zach does an incredible job researching and narrating each story and has honestly made an impact on my life. I eagerly await new episodes and can't wait to see what topics come next!

Great hidden gem

I just started listening but I’ve heard enough to say that this is a real hidden gem. It covers a wide variety of historical events, figures and topics, all of which are very interesting, told in an absorbing fashion. I highly recommend this to those with an interest in history.

I’m a better man because of this podcast.

I’m so lucky I found this podcast. I’m a young student and this, conflict has been absolutely mind blowing to me. I can’t stop listening to this at work or anytime. The first hand sources create transporting imagery. I’ve come to so manny conclusions and feel more aware because of how amazing Cornwell does these podcasts. I am a more grateful person because of these podcasts. So glad I live where I do and when… this podcast reminds me of that. I hope you see this Zach… your podcasts are effecting me in such a positive way while absolutely captivating my interest.

A history buffs favorite podcast

If you want to just escape reality and want to relive history then give this podcast a listen. Zach Cornwell, to me, is a great orator who does he’s research and elaborate very well on his topic. So far the Ghost in The Mountains series is my favorite and I think a great podcast to listen to.


Stumbled upon the “Kill Yamamoto” episodes while digging for some WWII driving noise. Continued to listen to every single episode in less than a week. Absolute genius framing and storytelling of true events. You, sir, are an artist.

Just a fantastic podcast

Love the format, narration, pace, and just everything about this cast.


Stumbled upon this podcast channel on a long drive and couldn’t stop listening. Kept driving around the block to finish since I concentrate best in the car. Amazing story telling that makes you remember key facts, conflicts and characters. Please continue the marvelous work.

Can’t wait for the next one

Thank you so much for an unbiased look at History. I don’t know what your politics are, and I really don’t care. I find your podcast extremely informative, refreshing and I can’t wait for the next episode.


Extremely captivating series, wish there was more than one episode a month but I guess all great things take time.

Finally found a podcast worth listening too!

As with other listeners I stumbled on to the podcast when searching for another. I listened to this podcast and never continued to look for the other!!

My new favorite

Stumbled on Conflicted when searching for another podcast episode about Marquis De Sade. Listened to Conflicted’s episode instead, liked it well enough to subscribe. 🤷🏻‍♀️ You can tell the host knows his stuff and that he cares about the subject as well as the narrative. Good variety in topics, i love that Zach looks into history that hasn’t already been discussed to death. Fantastic work. 🖤