"What is Conflicted?"

Each episode of Conflicted is a self-contained story. Every month, host Zach Cornwell examines a new historical controversy; a struggle or conflict that raises difficult questions and challenges our assumptions about the past.

As an anthology, Conflicted is not bound by any time period, subject, or era. But each topic is vigorously researched and sourced to attain a comprehensive, holistic view of the issues. The past is never simple, and we take great pains to treat it with the respect and nuance it deserves. 

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Zach Cornwell is a writer living and working in Dallas, TX.

To pay the bills, he works in advertising. To get his kicks, he studies history. 

A few fast facts:

  • Staunch and heretical advocate of the Oxford Comma.
  • Has traveled vast distances for the sake of a bowl of ramen. 
  • Believes daschunds are both the best and worst dog breed. 
  • Never met a Star War he didn't like. 
  • Prefers Kindle to paperback. 
  • Can't fix a car. Can fix you a meal. 
  • Born-again Luddite.
  • Does not believe that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. 
  • Has not contracted COVID-19, but there's still time. 


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